Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Man Of La Mancha

I am performing in the Man of La Mancha at Center Point Theater in Centerville, Utah!

It's a dream come true, I have loved every moment. I play 3rd prisoner on the left (translation, I'm in the ensemble) and I'm loving every minute of it.

Please come and see if your able! Click the picture below to get tickets!
 Click here to get tickets!
I am in the Tues/Thurs/Sat Cast.

Here's the story and my take on it:

A mad man, tilting at windmills. I was skeptical when I was first told the story. The most famous song, "The Impossible Dream" seemed a little too Idealistic. He wanted to overcome all the evil in life and like those surrounding Don Quixote, I was skeptical. We can not overcome some obstacles I thought, he aimed to high, I thought, but what I didn't understand was the true message of the song and the whole story. Though the battle is lost, it doesn't matter, what matters is that it was fought. That someone stood and tried even with the unbeatable odds against him.

I sound like an idealist myself, my head lost in the music and production of The Man of La Mancha. Perhaps that is true, but better to believe in the Impossible dream and hold the dream of success then to live in the world as it is. I get so depressed some times thinking of all the sorrow of life, the pain we all have to go though just by living. The loss, pain, hurt, and truly that is what created Don Quixote. He could not bear the pain of living so he changed what he saw around him. He changed his view. He became "mad" and others fell into his madness, and were better for it, the world around him grew better for it.

Now that is the beauty of the story. The story within the story within the story. The Play is layered so beautifully. The story it begins with the writer Miguel de Cervantes who tell his story to those imprisoned with him as he awaits the Spanish Inquisition. He tell the tale oDon Quixote de La Mancha, whom he becomes in a "entertainment" or play he puts on to tell his tale.

He tells the tale of the mad man. How Don Quixote tilts at windmills and fights evil in his mad mind. It is fascinating to watch as those who listen to his madness, really listen, begin to prefer his view of life rather then the reality around them. I found myself joining his madness, wishing it to be true. He changed the world around him, and by persistence, helped others to change themselves. He changed a poor farmer into a Squire, a serving girl who has seen the worst of humanity into a pure Lady, worthy of every attention. That becomes the third layer of story.

I feel like I could write a book on all the fascinating meanings and ideas that this story explores. I realize that I have gotten on my sop box. I apologize, I just really like this whole thing and agree with so many of the points it gives. If you've borne with me this long, I commend you, I can get a little long winded sometimes.

The main point I wanted to make with this post was just to look at life as it should be, not as it is, because if we look at life as it should be then, like Aldonza the serving girl becoming Dulcinea the high born lady, life will become as it should be.

~Katie Jean~